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Fiona Costello Music
Without Your Love
I should have said goodbye
Long before our love had died.
Too many years I wasted by your side
Without your love.

Why did I let you stay?
I should have walked away.
I lay awake most nights
Because of you,
And no one ever really knew the truth,
Only you.

I cried most every night,
I lost the will to fight,
But then I heard what others had to say
And so I learned to fight another day
Without your love.

I watched the light
Fading from your eyes,
I fooled myself that we could carry on
My smile was my disguise.
Through all the lies
I lived another day
Without your love,
Without your love.

Where did it all go wrong?
Why did you stay so long?
Time and time again
I wondered why
I never understood but I got by
Without your love.



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