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Fiona Costello Music
Never Surrender Your Dreams
Did you ever believe that you could fly?
Or did you just let this moment pass you by?
Or did you fly to the place you thought was only in your dreams?
Did you live for the moment that you thought was out of reach?
Did you try?

Can you say this is where you want to be?
Standing still on the threshold of your dreams.
Don't you know that tomorrow is a long, long time away?
Can't you see you will never find the road that you could take
If you don't try?

Never surrender your dreams.

Keep moving, if you believe in yourself then you can fly.
I'm cruising, just watch me fly away and I will take you high,
All the way to the place you long to be.
I'm flying, because I never surrendered my dreams.

Never surrender your dreams.

Yes, we can fly to the place we thought was only in our dreams.
We can live for the moment that we thought was out of reach
Because we tried.

Never surrender your dreams.  Never surrender your dreams.



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